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Hang Seng Website Revamp WCAG 2.0

Hang Seng would like to revamp their Hang Seng all official promotion pages. Starting from 1st April 2021, all promotion pages of Hang Seng Bank must achieve the Level AA standard of Web Accessibility Guidelines. With professional and mobile friendly layout design. Aims to fulfil WCAG 2.0 and increase the website traffic and focus on young age segment.


Information is unorganized and lack of focus, which makes it very difficult for audience to find what they need. In addition, each promotion page is in a different format.  It is confusing at the WCAG level and difficult to manage. Therefore recommendations are made in Components.

Asset 1@3x.png
Colour Contrast

Digital text and images should not be too colourful and prefers to have high contrast of ratio of 4.5:1 between the background and the foreground to make it easy to read. Colour redeployment to meet requirements

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