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This game introduces the daily life of construction workers. We expect that can help people get more information about their life and introduce some educational sense to people, such as we should wear helm when enter the working place. 


Same with website as it is readability and legibility

Color Tone

Using warm color (even background picture) to feel unify. 


Mr. Keung is a construction worker. He is family of three, his wife, his son and himself. He wakes up at 6:00 everyday.


After awaking, he chats and has breakfast with his wife.


He goes out at 7:00 as usual and go to the working site directly.


Mr. Keung arrives the working siteat 8:00. He firstly puts on helmet for ensuring his safety. And he starts working immediately. The task for him in the morning is burrowing. He must finish this task before he has the lunch break.


After finishing his lunch, there are still a period of time. He can rather have a nap before working or chat with oth- er workers for consuming the time.


In the afternoon, he is required to transporting the materials from one area to another. At 5:00, he can leave. After a whole day working, he always finds the sense of success. Finally, he buys extra dishes to the family for the dinner and shares the happiness with them. 


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