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First A Kit

First has high priority in design, “A” for awareness and aid, it has two meanings: increasing awareness of Compulsive Cleanliness and being the first to treat it. The design aims to make the design accessible to the audience. This is because there are also people with Compulsive Cleanliness.  


Leaflet Design

Information design was taken into consideration when designing the leaflet. As there is a lot of information on OCD and a lot of information mentioned in the research, the design aimed to make the information available to the public in the least amount of time when reading it. Therefore, an icon and bold text were added to the leaflet for emphasis.


Dirty Book

The Dirty Book is a collection of items observed by the microscope, It was collected from recycle bin In each image, the real image is on the left and the microscopic image is on the right. The microscopic images are made of different paper to simulate the real texture, making it easier for the public to imagine.

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Dirty Book uses the same paper texture as the item. It simulates real objects. Encourage the audience to touch the objects that they hate through textures. 

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The design can be flexibly changed to add or subtract pages.

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The audience can touch the actual object and view it through the microscope. By changing the angle, the public is more receptive to objects that are offensive


The Clean book is a collection of all the information on OCD arising from Compulsive Cleanliness. As the leaflet does not give a complete picture of what is going on, the book format complements it and makes it more accessible to the public.

Clean Book


This is a Compulsive Cleanliness online platform for people with detailed ocd information to make it more accessible to the public. To increase public awareness. 



Through the information lab, the public can receive the latest information, the user can see the information about Compulsive Cleanliness,It is very convenient and can be viewed in real time without the need to bring a book.



The public can make their own  Zendala patterns with their own mobile phones. When people feel insecure and feel dirty of environment . They can use the website to create their own Zendala pattern, which will help them to relax and avoid over-cleaning.

Online Platform

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